We don't know how to find Swamy.

We're having dinner right now.


Tell me the reason why Dori was fired.

Stagger was obviously not expecting us to be here.

The ballon burst.

My boss is an asshole.

Maria and Stewart had an acrimonious divorce and custody battle for their children.

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I think I could still do it.


George did business in the same manner as his father.

We ate eggs Benedict with hash browns.

I just wish I had fired Albert sooner.

I want to borrow a book from that library, but they only lend books to members.

It's a pity that I don't understand French better.

I'm sorry that I don't conform to your preconceived notions of perfection.

Division by zero is a big no-no in mathematics.


Dan is the best flight instructor we've got.

I am extremely envious of those people.

Let me put that somewhere safe.

You can have three tries.

There's always money in the banana stand.

He has something to do with the robbery.

Horst and I have to stick together.


The 23 fits you better.

Darrell locked himself in his room and won't come out.

Our team is ready.

Now that I have a girlfriend, I'm happy.

Come back next week and the clothing will be ready.

I like chocolate milk.

You know I hate meetings.

Lend me a pencil.

Who disagreed?


You made me very happy.

He was incredulous of the story.

Amedeo is the team leader, isn't he?


I was just talking with her.

It's about time somebody did something about this broken door.

I haven't even told Jayesh my idea yet.


Her grandmother walks around all hunched over.


How brave of him to jump into the water to save the little girl!

Nobody likes it.

He complained to her about the food.

It doesn't give me any satisfaction to prove you wrong.

I'm plastered.


Linley must be very proud.

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Manjeri ended up not buying the house he was thinking about buying.


I don't have time to explain it now.

Hughes and Ellen became close friends.

I just have to make a call.


I've been waiting for this day forever.

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It wasn't long before Mr. Yamazaki recovered.

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Kerri has been arrested and charged with Jingbai's murder.

Laborers normally work 8 hours per day.

You say the bridge is safe; I will take care all the same.

Chemical products account for approximately two-thirds of our exports.

Are you having a bad day?


She got off her horse.

He is inclined to get mad.

Do you like adventure stories?

I know this is true.

Arabic isn't complicated.

What are we actually talking about?

I think maybe I should go.

You're making Tiefenthal nervous.

She's spending too much time on the computer.


Her eyes were the colour of kohlrabi.

Should I tell them to call you?

The ship soon came into view.

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We cannot do without salt even for a single day.

I call the shots.

That's untrue.

All right! Everybody around me is so encouraging I'm getting a rush of motivation.

Claudia noticed Alf looking down at the ground.

I'm sure your father is very proud of you.

The patient was well cared for by the doctor.

Mongo never thought anything of it.

She is dependent on her parents even after her marriage.


The thief was arrested red-handed.

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That's what's supposed to happen.


The opening statement went smoothly.

I have been to the supermarket.

Miss Gray told the boy to hold his tongue while she was speaking.

To everyone's astonishment, Mike won first prize in the speech contest.

I asked Hugh to meet me at the train station.

In all probability, no language is completely free of borrowed words.

I need thread to sew on this button.

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I don't feel like going to school today.

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A lawyer named Ginny Jackson called me this morning.


Would you mind picking up something on the way back?


Gerald has rabbits.

Ning shouldn't have told Izumi his password.

Have you gone crazy?


Barrio often wears long skirts.

Why do you think Kari likes it?

My father didn't come to the airport to see me off.


We have bills that need to be paid.

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She is not only beautiful, but also gentle and, furthermore, intelligent.

The police never caught the guy who attacked Laurel.

I said we don't have to hurry.


Naren can drive a car.


He has been absent since last Monday.

Naoto said that he doesn't think doing that is worth his time.

More businesses, from small businesses to large corporations, see higher wages as the right way to boost productivity, reduce turnover and increase profits.


Insurance companies can no longer drop your coverage when you get sick due to a mistake you made on your application.


Try a new hat on.

People often know perfectly well what they are doing.

Oh, nothing special.

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It looks like you missed a spot.

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Each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

She agreed with him on what to do with the old car.

I don't think they allow that.

You can take whichever way you like.

Fletcher had a knife in his hand.

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To the astonishment of the whole city, the mayor was arrested.


I don't understand why pepperoni pizza is so popular.

Are you saying you don't want Laurianne to come to your party?

We both knew the risks.

We cooked dinner for them.

Kate is the smartest student in our class.


Throw the dice.

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I took part in the contest.

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The USA is a republic.


Tyler knew how to handle it.

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The president urged employees to act on their initiative.

Aren't you glad?

Moreover, he went on and on and on and on, detailing every single lawless act he committed.

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The humidity is very high.


I'm the quarterback of the team.


Go and speak to my colleague.

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He was walking in front of me.


I almost died with embarrassment when I fell over in the street.


So, are you free tonight?


What is Tatoeba?

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They're older than him.


Takeuchi and Elwood accomplished their mission without any difficulty.

"Where's my edition of the complete works of Schiller?" "It's just over there on the shelf."

Rafik went to Boston to see Matti.


All the streets in this area are named after famous people.

Can somebody please help me?

I'm just here to say hi to Paola.


The old barn fell down.

So what are the implications?

The socks and slippers are new.

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Nancy is a capable nurse.


When I came home, my father had already been there.

I love watching movies.

Well, you certainly have a lot to offer, Ranjit.